Animation & Video Production Services

We Can Help Get Your   Project Into Orbit! 


JOHN CATAPANO  / Producer and Creator 

Founded Space Cat Productions in 2013 to offer production and consulting services to the creative community.   John has worked on films, episodic TV, and commercials for many   studios, including:  Disney, MTV, and Saatchi & Saatchi.   John specializes in animated / mixed media / and docu-stye content. 

John's superpower of choice:  Teleportation 


SOO JUNG YOON   / Creative Director and Broadcast Design 

As an art director, illustrator, animator, and compositor, Soo has spent the last 15 years helping many television studios meet their production goals, including: A&E, HBO, VH1, The History Channel, PBS, and Nick Jr. From educational children's animations to Emmy® award-winning dramas, Soo's creativity, attention to detail, and exceptional talent stand out.

Originally from Seoul, South Korea, Soo is also a published author. Her first book, I Am Commuting To New York- 나는 뉴욕으로 출근한다 (2010), is a first-person account of her experience as a Korean woman in New York's entertainment and advertising industry. She recently completed a Korean language guide to the art world of New York City.  

Soo doesn't need a superpower.  She is Wonder Woman.